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At eLFY Training, we focus on providing high-quality accredited eLearning. We have partnered up with our sister company Affinity Training to provide a greater range of training platforms, to ensure we meet the needs and desired learning styles of individuals and companies. From face-to-face training to a blended approach to learning, all our courses are taught by a friendly team, providing relevant and educational training courses with easily digestible information.


eLearning: Learn Online, Anywhere, at Any Time

Electronic Learning allows you to learn online, anywhere, at any time. We are the leading online training providers and we’re the first in the country to be endorsed by NCFE. Our know-how, technology and expertise allow us to deliver world-class remote training across a number of market sectors.

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eLearning Courses

Born out of Necessity

Face To Face

Face To Face: Learning in Direct Contact

Our qualified trainers will visit your home or offices to help you learn and develop the latest practical skills and thinking for the care industry. We cover a huge variety of training courses to suit you and your business’s specific requirements

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Blended Learning

Blended Learning: The Best of Both Worlds

We have paired up face-to-face trainers and eLearning course providers, to bring you a fully customisable experience of blended learning, to better fulfil the training needs of your staff. Blended Learning combines high quality face-to-face training with accredited eLearning, for the benefits of both.

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Blended Learning

Tailored Courses

Tailored Courses to Fit Your Needs

Integrating your business-specific data and documentation

We can build custom courses and company inductions for your organisation’s console. Custom courses are tailored to meet your needs, are representative of your brand and can involve how-to videos, video messages, and content specifically for your staff. Incorporating your own company induction into your online console will improve quality, clarity and consistency, ensuring every single new starter receives the same high quality induction.

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