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    1. 'Go teetotal to reduce dementia risk' advises NHS
    2. Your NHS needs you to help re-design their care services for Autism, Mental Health and Learning Disabilities
    3. Give someone a lift to reduce strain on social care provision
    4. Study shows - There is no silver bullet for preventing dementia
    5. Young adults with autism raising money for charity
    6. Dementia costs in Europe have increased by 25% to $300bn in 2015
    7. There is no stand-alone cure for Dementia
    8. New report from ILC-UK stresses need for retirement villages for alleviating loneliness & isolation in the elderly
    9. Sense release guide to those supporting people with dual sensory loss
    10. Pilot exercise launched in Manchester by the CQC may allow public to view quality of care in their local area.
    11. Insulin could help improve your memory
    12. Drug to treat Alzheimer’s may cause unhealthy weight loss
    13. New code of practice regarding dementia
    14. UK health services are underperforming
    15. The UK Nursing Workforce: Crisis or Opportunity
    16. 1 in 5 care home residents self-medicate
    17. The Keys to Care app
    18. Care workers being paid less than the NMW
    19. Tax dodgers
    20. Single department for health and social care?
    21. Changes to the Care Act
    22. Guidance issued on use of hidden cameras in care homes
    23. Keeping people out of care homes
    24. Care home inspections 'no longer fit for purpose'
    25. Reduce strain on social care provision and cost
    26. Elderly loved ones may not cope well in cold weather
    27. Population screening for dementia still not recommended for over 65s
    28. Reducing body temperature can protect the brain from damage
    29. NHS Failing to Keep Face with Patient Use of Mobile Tech
    30. Search for Mental Health Heroes launched by Deputy Prime Minister
    31. Government statistics confirm decline in spending on older people’s services
    32. CQC says it will close failing care services
    33. Training elderly in social media improves well-being and combats isolation
    34. Exmouth specialist care provider to create community for people living with dementia
    35. Festive shopping made easy with a true ‘store-to-door’ experience at nursing home
    36. Obesity linked to memory issues
    37. Health charities join in support for new global giving movement
    38. Data suggests that very short people are at increased risk of dying with dementia
    39. Study claims antioxidants in cocoa can improve cognition
    40. Care home introduce ‘henpower’ to benefit residents
    41. Online ‘over the fence’ support launched for help to stay at home
    42. Brain researcher, John O’Keefe, wins Nobel Prize
    43. Labour expected to announce major pledge to NHS
    44. Dementia author brings book to life
    45. People with learning disabilities call for more support to build relationships
    46. Online care training now endorsed by City & Guilds
    47. Exciting new online care training courses available
    48. The Silver Gamers - Video Games for the elderly
    49. A step closer to the prediction of Alzheimer's disease
    50. Legal requirements for record keeping
    51. Health experts say forget five a day
    52. Maria Mallaband/ Country Care Homes
    53. Staffing Issues
    54. New Staff
    55. Do You Know Your Human Rights?
    56. New Baby
    57. eLearning For You at Scottish Care Annual Care Homes Conference, Exhibition and Awards 2013
    58. Mental Health & Blended Learning
    59. Come and Meet Us Face to Face!
    60. World Alzheimer's Month 2016
    61. New Online Course to Help Prevent Falls in Older People
    62. eLearning Myths
    63. October Newsletter
    64. National Stress Awareness Day 2016
    65. eLearning For You attend the Advanced World Conference 2016
    66. Dementia experts shocked at latest Alzheimer's Report
    67. We have a new Customer Support Team Manager
    68. Our new company video
    69. Skills for Care Endorsement
    70. We will be supporting the Victoria Education Centre for 2017
    71. The Modern Day Care Manager
    72. eLFY Training collaborates with NCFE
    73. Three benefits of classroom training
    74. Three benefits of elearning
    75. eLFY Training have partnered with Ontex UK
    76. We've moved to a new office in Poole!
    77. What are the 15 care standards?
    78. Hearing loss and dementia – Is there a link?
    79. Five New Staff Members Join The eLFY Team
    80. Why is care training important?
    81. Improve communication with eLearning
    82. eLFY Training Celebrates Tenth Anniversary
    83. Why dementia training is important for caregivers
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    1. How to use the eLearning Console
    2. How to Print Your Certificates
    3. Additional Notes for Management Team
    4. Translation Tool & Dyslexia Support
    5. Frequently Asked Questions
    6. How to add Training Records
    7. How to Edit Training Records
    8. The Reporting Suite
    9. How to add website to pop up blocker
    10. What are the Benefits of eLearning Certificates?
    11. What are the Benefits of Classroom Based Course Certificates?
    12. What classroom courses do eLFY Training provide?
    13. Classroom Training - Certificates Procedure
    14. Quality Assurance Statement
    15. General Statement on Equality and Diversity
    16. Our Care Certificate Options
    17. The Care Certificate Assessor's Workshop - Supporting Information
    18. User Guide – Care Certificate Report
    19. Care Certificate Workbook
    20. User Guide – Care Certificate ePortfolio
    21. eManager - Adding and Attending Events
  7. Our courses
    1. Activities Planning in the Care Environment
    2. Adults with Incapacity (Scotland)
    3. Adults with Incapacity Act (Scotland)
    4. Assertiveness Skills for Care Staff
    5. Basic Life Support & Management of Anaphylaxis
    6. Basic Life Support & Safe Use of AED
    7. Care Certificate
    8. Care Certificate (Ancillary Staff)
    9. Catheterisation Skills Male and Female
    10. Clinical Skills Day for Nurses
    11. Clinical Supervision of Care Staff
    12. Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Care Staff
    13. Communication Skills for Care Staff
    14. Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
    15. Data Protection including GDPR
    16. Dementia Awareness
    17. Managing Diabetes in Others for Care Staff
    18. Managing Diabetes in Others for Care Staff
    19. Dignity and Respect in Care Environments
    20. Working with Display Screens Best Practice
    21. Positive Behaviour Support
    22. Documentation & Record Keeping for Care Staff
    23. Documentation & Record Keeping for Care Staff
    24. Recognising and Working with Dysphagia
    25. Education & Training - Level 3 Award
    26. Emergency First Aid
    27. Emergency First Aid at Work
    28. End of Life Care Best Practice
    29. End of Life Care Best Practice
    30. Recognising and Responding to Epilepsy
    31. Equality & Diversity
    32. Equality and Diversity - The Law & Best Practice
    33. The Basics of Dementia - Essential Understanding
    34. Falls in the Older Person for Care Staff
    35. Dealing with Fire Emergency for Care Staff
    36. Fire Awareness
    37. Recognising and Removing Fire Hazards in Care
    38. First Aid at Work
    39. First Aid at Work Re-Qualifier
    40. Food Hygiene Best Practice for Care Staff
    41. Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures in Care
    42. Health & Safety
    43. Health and Safety including Risk Assessment and COSHH
    44. Interview Techniques for Care Managers and Supervisors
    45. Legionella Risk Identification and Elimination
    46. Lone Working
    47. MCA & DoLS The Law and Best Practice
    48. Medication Administering and Disposal Awareness
    49. Medication Administration
    50. Mental Health Disorders Awareness
    51. Moving & Handling
    52. Moving and Handling People and Objects
    53. Moving and Handling Train the Trainer
    54. Moving and Handling Train the Trainer Update
    55. Understanding and Responding to Parkinson's Disease
    56. Understanding and Working With PEG Feeding Tubes
    57. Understanding and Applying Person Centred Care
    58. Person Centred Care Planning for Care Staff
    59. Understanding and Applying Person Centred Dementia Care
    60. Pressure Ulcer Prevention Best Practice for Care Staff
    61. Pressure Ulcer Prevention Best Practice for Care Staff
    62. Safeguarding Adults from Abuse
    63. Safeguarding & Protection of Adults
    64. Safeguarding Children from Abuse
    65. Safeguarding Children from Abuse
    66. Staff Supervision Skills for Care Managers
    67. Understanding Stoma Care
    68. Stroke Intervention and Post-Stroke Care
    69. Team Building in a Care Environment
    70. Understanding Venepuncture Best Practice
    71. Understanding Venepuncture Best Practice
    72. Wound Care Management
    73. Wound Care Management Skills for Nurses
    74. Falls (Prevention and Managing)
    75. Bed Rails Best Practice for Care Staff
    76. Working at Height
    77. Understanding the Importance of Fluids and Nutrition
    78. Train the Dementia Trainer
    79. Care Certificate Assessors Workshop
    80. Asbestos Awareness
    81. Conflict Management in the Workplace
    82. Recognising and Responding to Distress in Others
    83. Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points in the Workplace
    84. Infection Control in the Workplace for Care Staff
    85. Interview Skills for Managers and Supervisors
    86. MCA & DoLS
    87. Staff Appraisal Skills in the Workplace
    88. Time Management Skills in the Workplace
    89. Understanding the Importance of Fluids and Nutrition
    90. Customer Service Best Practice in the Workplace
    91. Drugs Awareness in the Workplace
    92. Food Allergen Awareness in the Workplace
    93. Understanding Syringe Drivers
    94. Understanding Tracheostomy Best Practice
    95. Infection Prevention & Control
    96. Essential Dementia Awareness 1 Day Trainer Led Course
    97. Person Centred Dementia Care 1 Day Trainer Led Course
    98. Engagement in Activities 1 Day Trainer Led Course
    99. Food Safety - The Law & Best Practice
    100. Leadership in Dementia Care for Care Staff
    101. Care Certificate (Scotland)
    102. The Affinity Management & Development Programme
    103. Basic Life Support
    104. Urinary Incontinence - an introduction
    105. Autism Awareness for Care Staff
    106. MAR Charts for Care with LloydsPharmacy
    107. eMAR System - how to use
  8. Care Certificate
  9. Dementia
  10. Clinical Trainer
  11. Training Methods
  12. Compliance
  13. Endorsements
  14. Team
  15. eLearning Training
  16. Blended Learning
  17. Face To Face
  18. Learning Management System
  19. Health and Social Care Trainer
  20. Regional Trainer
  21. Customer Support Assistant
  22. Social Care Commitment
  23. Endorsed by City & Guilds
  24. Administration Apprentice
  25. Endorsed by The British Institute of Innkeeping
  26. Endorsed by NCFE
  27. Accredited by NCFE
  28. Relationship Manager
  29. Sales Support Assistant
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