How your care home could benefit from the CHAPs programme!

7th June 2018

eLearning For You is proud of its long-standing heritage in care. Dating back to the 1800s, our lineage includes Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital, and its conception by Florence Nightingale. Today, nurses resonate with Nightingale and what she stands for, encouraging our nurses through the challenges of everyday working life.

A considerable challenge faced by the health and social care sector is the shortage of nurses and funding, which unfortunately has a negative impact on our nurses as they face the reality of diminishing wages and long working hours. However, with a new initiative known as CHAPs, these challenges may soon be a thing of the past.

CHAPS stands for 'Care Home Assistant Practitioners', and this programme has been created as part of the solution to the shortage of nurses we are currently experiencing in the UK. Essentially care assistants work alongside nurses each and every day, due to all care homes requiring a registered nurse on duty every 8 hours. However, by completing the CHAPs programme, these care assistants will learn the knowledge and skills in order to 'act' as a nurse. Ultimately this means that care home managers are able to appoint CHAPs, rather than registered nurses. This, in turn, can be a huge cost saving measure due to the fact a smaller number of registered nurses are required.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself 'why else would my care home benefit from staff completing the CHAPs programme?'. Well, dig a little deeper for those answers! Firstly, by providing care assistants with the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge, this will, in turn, improve job satisfaction thus having a positive correlation on the service given. 

Whilst the CHAPs programme is an innovative and major lead as a solution to the shortage of nurses nationally, it is not forgotten that the delivery of safe and individualised care is at the heart of every care home. This does raise the question of 'does there need to be a blend of a registered nurse and CHAPs?', yet it shouldn't be dismissed that the introduction of this programme has allowed the health and social care sector to adapt to the challenges and pressures experienced today.

To find out more about the CHAPs programme, take a look at our partner face-to-face training providers, CBA Training.

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