Raising the Bar of Dementia Care

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We are a leading provider of dementia care training to those working within the care industry. With our two dementia care specialists, Mark and Andrew, we are able to offer standards of dementia care that will equip your team to provide standards of care like no other.

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Care Certificate Training for Care Staff

Andrew Potts - Dementia Specialist

Andrew has over 20 years’ experience in supporting individuals with dementia and mental health issues. He has provided dementia specific support, guidance and services across the private, public and voluntary sectors all over the UK.

Andrew prides himself on his communication skills and self-discipline and works hard to provide the highest possible standard of dementia care.

Mark Harrison - Dementia Specialist

With over 20 years’ experience working with the UK’s leading Care providers, Mark in an award-winning activity specialist. He feels privileged to have worked with, and learned from, some of the UK’s leading experts in Dementia.

By training, mentoring and implementation Mark has evidenced that the principles of person centred care can be applied in all care environments and strives to provide the best Dementia care possible.

Care Certificate Training for Care Staff

Dementia Training

Helping You Deliver High Quality Dementia Care

Working alongside some of the country's leading dementia care specialists, we are able to provide a range of dementia care training programmes and invaluable resources to help you and your team grow, learn new skills and achieve best-practice evidence-based specialist dementia care.


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