The Pool Activity Level (PAL) Instrument


Classroom training course aims to:

Developed by Jackie Pool, the Pool Activity Level (PAL) instrument has become the framework for care in settings across the UK for clients with cognitive impairments caused by conditions related to dementia, strokes and learning disabilities.

The book contains background information, statistical evidence from the research study, case studies and a selection of possible activities, with sources for obtaining them and guidance for carrying them out with individuals who have different levels of ability as revealed by the completion of the PAL Instrument.

The PAL Instrument paper-version is within the book and may be photocopied for use within the individual care setting. This is a basic profile for general activity. Users of the book-based version of the PAL Instrument must adhere to the copyright law of the author as set out at the front of the book.

You can buy the PAL Instrument book from Amazon.

This enhanced digital version creates an individual writeable PDF PAL Guide for supporting Hospital patients, Care Home residents, Day Centre clients or individuals at home to be fully engaged in activity.

The comprehensive individualised PAL Guide is automatically produced for download and describes how to support the person in 5 activities: washing, dressing, dining, interaction and leisure activities.

The PAL Guide is in writable PDF format so users will be able to add information about the individual’s name, preferences, routines and likes or dislikes in each activity.

The completed PAL Guide can be saved and emailed or printed for the individual service user and their carers.

The Digital PAL can be purchased from us on a USB stick for just £75 This is licensed for use on a single computer.

You can deliver in-house training to your team to enable them to understand how the PAL supports personal care and leisure activities with people with cognitive impairment.

The Training Pack contains a short PowerPoint™ slide presentation with a Trainer’s Guide and a Handout pack for learners.

You can purchase the training pack from us for £75.00 plus VAT and it will be sent to you electronically so that you can print the Handouts and deliver the training as often as you like. In order to deliver the training, you will need either the PAL Book or the Digital PAL.

Please select the PAL Training Pack for the version of the PAL Instrument that you are using or please order your choice of PAL Instrument when you place your order for the PAL Training Pack.

Course Certificate

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By the end of this course participants will have:

  • An understanding of the specialist skills which Occupational Therapists have in working with people with cognitive impairment
  • An understanding of the theoretical framework which underpins Occupational Therapy practice and cognitive impairment
  • Become familiar with the Pool Activity Level (PAL) Instrument (Pool, 2012)
  • Identified issues regarding the implementation of the PAL
  • Described the ethical issues in the assessment of people with cognitive impairment



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