Managing Diabetes in Others for Care Staff


Online training course aims to:

Managing Diabetes in Others for Care Staff aims: to provide the learner with an overview of diabetes, the symptoms, management and complications that can arise.

In 2013 there were 3.2 million people in the UK who had been diagnosed with diabetes. It is estimated that by 2025 five million people will have been diagnosed in the UK with diabetes.

90% of people with diabetes have the more common Type 2 diabetes. Deprivation is strongly linked with higher levels of obesity, physical inactivity, unhealthy diet, smoking and poor blood pressure control.

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  • Describe how diabetes develops
  • Explain the types of diabetes
  • Describe the symptoms associated with the condition
  • Identify the management of the 2 main types of diabetes
  • Describe how to prevent complications associated with diabetes


“Excellent. Informative and enlightening. This course will change in a positive way my approach to the care of people living with Diabetes.”

— Abimbola Olakunle, Castle Grange

“Very factual whcih gives clear understandings to work with diabetic people to the best of your ability.”

— Alison Lane, Weybridge

“Very interesting, education and informative.”

— Anthony Dada, Wisden Court & Day Center

“Enjoyed completing the course.”

— Danielle Riley, Aaron Lodge

“Really enjoyed the dementia course. I've learnt some very important things which will be so helpful in my job.”

— Deborah Norbury, Perry Manor


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